Friday, 19 August 2011

Stallholders and Signs...

I'm keeping my fingers very tightly crossed (and whilst typing - this is no mean feet) that this post is much more of a success than the previous two! I hope that this works!!
*** Update***
No it doesn't seem to be playing ball again, and we've another blog post with terrible spacing and which I have problems linking to! Sorry!! At least I can show you a picture!
So I might as well get straight to it and tell you about some more stallholders. We're so pleased to have 16 beautifully vintage stallholders at the fair, so there are lots more to introduce you to!
Next up to tell you about then are our friends Fran and Amber from the Blue Duck Gallery with their mix of vintage painted furniture, gifts and homeware. Also joining us are Le Shed; fresh faced from opening their new shop in Newquay last weekend, Le Shed have a beautiful selection of vintage homewares, china and linens. We're also excited to be welcoming along Holly Young Hats and her totally unique and vintage inspired handmade fascinators and hair accessories. And last up to tell you about today is Edith Gray (that's Mum and I) and our selection of vintage homewares, linens and furniture, and handmade pieces made from vintage materials.
I've still got so many exciting stallholders to tell you about but I will save those for next time! We're so pleased by the real mix of stallholders at this fair, that there definitely should be something for everyone! So don't forget to keep popping back for more stallholder updates.
We've been pretty busy today preparing some road signage to get people along to the fair. This is definitely a science and we have learnt quite a few lessons from our efforts at the last two fairs. First time, we had no where near enough signage and we only put it up the night before, so our visitors were getting lost and lots of people didn't know that the fair was on. At the last fair, we had some great 'A' board signage near the venue that attracted lots of attention but the signs we had prepared to run along the side of the road were far too small and people couldn't read them. So this time our signage is defintely bigger and better and it's going up tonight!!
So if you're in the area this coming week, look out for something a little like this...

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