Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hitting the headlines

Blimey these massive distances from Blogland really are getting too long! Since I was last here, Vintage In a Teacup 'hit the headlines' with a lovely little piece in the local paper. What do you think (apologies for the rubbish photo!)?

It was very exciting getting all dressed up in our vintage garb and having our own little tea-party in Mum's sewing room, whilst being photographed for the paper. What you can't see in the picture however is my little two-year old in the background in floods of tears, completely confused by the whole thing a wanting cuddles from his Mummy! Thankfully the photographer was very understanding and it was all over very quickly :-)!

Anyway, hopefully the piece has got the word out some more about the fair! I cannot believe that we are less than two weeks away from the big day (not to be confused off course with the Royal Wedding the following weekend!).

Excuse me for now whilst I get on with some sewing for the fair and I will be back very soon...I promise!!

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